Mission Statement
Environmental Energy Partners is a biomass renewable energy company dedicated to forming partnerships that will facilitate ecologically sustainable utilization and restoration of our planet’s natural resources.

Vision Statement
To establish effective and profitable strategic partnerships between innovative individuals, government agencies and forward thinking environmental biomass technology companies. These partnerships will create a unified momentum in sustainable biomass energy solutions, while contributing to healthy forest management and restoration. Our focus of development and sales is in innovative biomass fuel processes, products and equipment.

biomass equipment marketing & sales

New Earth
• fuel pellets
• livestock pellet
• dry biomass mesh
• woodchips
• hog fuel

Who is Environmental Energy Partners?

A unique group of individuals and forward thinking environmental tech companies who share a full circle biomass vision from:

Development of innovative processes to...
Effective and sustainable utilization of biomass resources to...
Management and Restoration of our forests

Today Environmental Energy Partners is engaging in building cleaner energy businesses which will lead to healthier cities and communities, and more resilient economies and ecosystems.

Join us!

Yes! I Make a Difference is the non-profit arm of Environmental Energy Partners.
This vital part of E E P is dedicated to raising funds to assist with forest management programs that aid in the preservation and restoration of our nation’s forest.
Yes! I Make a Difference was inspired by the love of an eleven year old child who spontaneously asked if her entire savings of $272 would “make a difference."

Contact information
Main number: 321-917-6976
P.O. Box J, Silver Plume, CO 80476

Rosalie Bianco, CEO:
Melinda L. Estep, CFO:
Erica Churgin, Sales Director: SALES